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Continuity of Learning Plan

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Ewing Public Schools -- Continuity of Learning Plan Alternative Learning Environment

Ewing Public Schools  --  Continuity of Learning Plan

Alternative Learning Environment

Students & Parents


We will not return to what we consider “Normal School Operations” for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school term, however we want to assure you that our staff will continue working for and with ALL students.  I can assure you as your Principal that our staff will work to ensure that our students will be provided a Continuity of Learning Plan in an Alternative Learning Environment.  Will this be the exact same as what we would consider “normal” during a regular school year?  No, but we will continue to provide meaningful education for all students throughout the course of this school term.


We realize this may be a weird/difficult process, but feel that this will challenge students, provide a routine for kids, and continue to educate all of our students.  Understand that we are here to support YOU and should you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher or Principal Greg Appleby.


  • Enrichment activities for all student in grades PK-12 will continue until March 30, 2020.
    • Enrichment activities are not graded and not required.  Thank you for your assistance in this as we have had great feedback from students and parents during this time.
  • Starting on April 1, 2020 we will transition to the New Continuity of Learning Plan in an Alternative Learning Environment.  Teachers have been working on plans for this and will be ready to implement starting on April 1st.  Don’t panic as this plan is not mean to overwhelm students and families.
    • Details of Continuity of Learning Plan
      • Activities and work are no longer “Enrichment” but will be part of each student’s educational plan and students will be held accountable for work completed or not completed.
      • Students are expected to complete work and will receive “feedback” from teachers on their work.
      • Student grades for the 3rd quarter have been recorded.  Students grades may stay the same or improve based upon the work that is completed during our time on the Continuity of Learning Plan OR a student’s grade may be lowered if they do not complete any work or show any effort.  Teachers will be communicating!!
      • Resource students will be contacted by the resource teachers for planning.
      • Our Goal is to provide Meaningful Instruction for all students and to prepare students for 2020-21.
      • Your student’s educational plan may look different for their different teachers they have. Packets or E-Learning will be provided to all students.
      • The School Website is www.ewingpublicschools.org  On this site you will find a link for all teachers information.  Many students in PK-6 will be given packets to take home.
      • PK-6 Classes will be given approximately 3 Lessons per week for Reading & Math and 1 Lesson per week for all other subjects including special classes such as PE, Art, Music, & Guidance.  For Library we are encouraging all students and families to READ, READ, READ.
      • 7-12 Classes will be given 2 Lessons per week of instructional materials/instruction per week in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.  These lessons may be broken down into multiple assignments throughout the week.  1 Lesson per week for all other classes.
      • Students and parents will be in contact with teachers through many different channels; phone calls, internet Zoom sessions, e-mails, Facebook Groups, Teacher Video Sessions.
      • Our Teachers have been directed to focus on the ESSENTIALS for all students and what is ESSENTIAL for students to complete this school year and to be ready for next school year.
      • Students:  You MUST be checking your e-mail daily (if not more than once). Seniors have this figured out, but it will be VITAL to your success and communication with staff. 

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